Machine builder Niigata spins off injection molding unit | Plastics News

2023-04-22 13:00:37 By : Ms. amyu yu

Japan's Niigata Machine Techno Co. Ltd. has spun off the injection molding side of its business into a separate company focused on growing injection molding machine sales worldwide.

The new company — Niigata Machinery Co. Ltd. — will get a newly-built manufacturing plant in Niigata City, Japan, to consolidate all aspects of the injection molding business from research, design and engineering to fabrication, manufacturing and warehousing. Polymer Injection Molding

Machine builder Niigata spins off injection molding unit | Plastics News

Niigata will invest millions of dollars into the facility expected to be completed in two years.

Steve Cunningham, general manager of Elk Grove, Ill.-based Niigata Machine Techno USA, a wholly owned subsidiary, is looking forward to the opening and what it means to the injection molding division.

"We've been the midst of a major growth surge for our MDS8000 all-electric injection molding machines that could not be supported by our existing facility," Cunningham said in a news release. "When our new facility opens in 2025, we'll not only be able to support this growth surge, but we expect to significantly shorten lead times throughout North America so that we can get new machines out to customers on a timely basis."

The new plant will have the technology and staff to support Niigata's strategic growth plan to build larger injection molding machines above 500 tons to 1000 tons.

"With our new plant and the current strength of our engineering group, along with new technology and additional skilled personnel, Niigata is breathing new life into our entire organization," Cunningham said. "The potential for new business growth in North America and beyond is unlimited, and we're just getting started."

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Machine builder Niigata spins off injection molding unit | Plastics News

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